Screenwriters Corey Lui and Kat Sieniuc

We’re back at the office on the heels of last week’s pitching event and wrap party. It’s official: You party goers came with good ideas and you weren’t shy to pitch them! Feedback from the many decision-makers in attendance has been overwhelmingly positive.

“I want to thank you for organizing what was a great event and for making it such a great experience for me.” -John Orlando, Senior VP Programming and Development, Sony Crackle

“You folks put on a heck of a show. It was welcoming and fun and everyone from the conference steering committee was so lovely.” -Chris Kelley, Production Executive – Comedy, Bell Media

“It was such a nice experience and you and the team put together a fantastic event! Bravo!” Melanie Nepinak Hadley,  -CBC Scripted Content.

Showrunner Jennica Harper (Jann) with Johnny Chiou (Netflix)

Michele McMahon (Bell Drama) with Matthew O’Connor, Paddy Bickerton and Holly Redford (Reunion Pacific)

Maxfield Elins (Lionsgate) with Tim Carter (Contradiction Films)

We want to send a huge thank you to the folks at Netflix, the CW, Sony, CBC, Bell, Corus, Sony Crackle, SyFy, and Lionsgate who took the time to celebrate with us.

Marc Stephenson (Sheep Noir), Jason James (Resonance Films), Kathleen Meek (Corus)  and actress Sarah Chalke

Writer/Director Karen Lam



Brian Hamilton (Omnifilm) interviewing Chris Regina (Netflix)


Scripted Series Lab Participants, Todd Ireland, Mike Orlando, Sarah Dodd (Showrunner), Petie Chalifoux, Kat Sieniuc, Corey Liu

Thanks, also, to our Scripted Series Lab participants, Petie Chalifoux, Kat Sieniuc, Todd Ireland, Corey Liu, and Mike Orlando for all their hard work. We couldn’t have done it without the support of the CMPA, the WGC, and Creative BC.

Thank you to all the local producers, showrunners, filmmakers and screenwriters who brought your energy, your ideas, and your enthusiasm. If you weren’t able to attend this year, we hope you’ll join us next year. We’re already thinking of ways to make year two bigger and better.