Photo by Catherine Heath on Unsplash

Are you still wondering how to write for TV? I am all for becomming a better writer by being a disciplined writer, even though I feel like I fail at this all the time. Today is no different. But here are two amazing youtube resources that anyone wanting to write for TV, especially sitcoms, should watch, guilt free, before sitting down to work.

Gloria Calderón Kellett, Showrunner and Co-Creater of “One Day at a Time,” recorded a whole playlist of “Hollywood 101: How to Write For TV” videos for Pero Like. You can even download the pilot for her show as a reference. Gloria covers an array of topics from starting your career, to writing your pilot,  getting an agent and working in a writers room. Her wit and generosity blow me away.

I also want to point every developing sitcom writer I know toward a fantastic lecture by John Vorhaus, author of the The Comic Toolbox.  Don’t be thrown by the fact that the presenter gives an introduction in Norwegian. It’s probably a hilarious intro judging by the dead quite audience, but the lecture is brilliant, it dramatically reduced my fear of the blank page when it comes to funny beats…and John presents in English. I highly recommend it.