How has your time breaking story with Will affected your understanding of writing for TV?

It’s made a big difference. Will gets into the minutae and small details that they can’t teach in books or school. His real world experiences are what’s gold for people like me trying to break into TV writing.

How do you feel about virtual rooms now that you’ve been in both a virtual and an in person version of the story room?

I have to admit I can see the value of an in person room. I really enjoy the small talk with my fellow participants in the program and just getting to know them and Will, but the virtual rooms make for less small talk and more of a straight to business mindset. It’s more efficient but it doesn’t make up for the teamwork you can find in person.

Is there any favourite moment from your first half of the program that stands out so far?

There wasn’t one single moment but I can still recall the excitement of waking up eager to talk to the team to break more stories. It’s kind of addicting when you get started. I haven’t woken up that eager for something for awhile!

Do you have any advice for future applicants as they prepare their applications or prep for an interview?

Hmm- that’s a tough one but just like I’ve heard from our showrunner and the PSP team, I would say present the version of yourself that sticks out. What makes you unique among all the other voices out there. Don’t exaggerate or embellish, but let them get to know you and your passion.