For a new writer, having a literary manager can be incredibly beneficial. While agents are more deal-oriented, managers are typically more career oriented. They are there to help you develop your material and get it out into the marketplace. They are also there to guide you as a writer as you navigate your career. Managers generally have a short list of clients and are much more involved in the day to day with their clients as well as the long term planning. They are also allowed to produce material with their clients. The goal of this panel is to have the PSP audience walk away with a clear understanding of the role of a literary manager, how to go about signing with one, and the working writer/manager relationship.


This panel will feature a group of literary managers from a variety of companies within the US, each with a different background and unique working style. This is important because, like writers, each manager is different and it’s about finding the right match to have a successful working relationship. Conrad Sun (Meridian Artists Trevor Rotenberg (3Arts) Luke Maxwell (3 Arts).

Tuesday, Mar 15th 2022

7pm PST on Zoom

ID: 889 7564 5862
Passcode: 012382