Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

How do you recharge your creativity? I’ve spent the last few days feeling unsure of my work and my reasons for doing it. Energy is low. My writing feels flat. It’s been a while since I put down the writing guilt/pressure/drive, and the to-do’s from the rest of my life that seem to pile up endlessly. The weather has shifted and it’s cold, wet and dark. I think it’s time to refill the creative tank. Spending the day in bed reading a favorite novel sounds amazing but I’m a little worried that it would bring up an inferiority complex that I’m a bit too raw to deal with. Besides, I don’t have a whole free day coming up anytime soon.

So this is hardly a newsflash but writing is hard. Sitting down to do the work is hard. Walking around with those rattling, pinching questions about your ability as a writer and the point of doing it even if you are any good is really, really hard sometimes.

All of us creative types need to have a few tried and true recharge tricks to put into action when we need to. Mine include a few quick emergency measures: A luxurious bubble bath with candlelight and music is a favorite.  There’s a local ramen joint that always cheers me up. If I carve out the time, I might treat myself to a solo movie and a walk around the art gallery. (Introvert alert.) In fact, lots of walking – that always helps.

My most decadent recharge ever was a weekend away from the family at a very nice hotel, where I focussed on writing and resting on my own inner schedule. It was a real treat. Actually it was freaking amazing. I might not be able to pull off a fancy get-away right now, but the world won’t end if I push back my errands for a nice stormy walk with an outrageously froufrou coffee. Maybe a podcast interview with a favorite writer would be a good thing to have playing while I saunter and enjoy the autumn leaves.

I hope all of you have a list of little treats, (or grand gestures?) that can refill the creative tank when you need it.